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AZTurbo Court

by Steven Sarkis on May 1st, 2010

Arcadia News May 2010 Report from Justice Steven Sarkis


The Maricopa County Justice Court system is very proud to unveil AZTurboCourt. AZTurboCourt is an online, fee-based service that assists litigants in completing the forms necessary to file various types of court cases. The website,, provides interactive tutorials and allows individuals to fill out and print the necessary documentation for their case prior to coming to court.

In addition to letting individuals prepare their cases online, AZTurboCourt lets people search for information on cases filed in Arizona courts and make payments on fines without physically having to come to court. Thus far, AZTurboCourt system can handle three different types of cases: Eviction cases, small claims and civil cases.

In time, we intend to expand the capacities of AZTurboCourt and litigants will be able to electronically file their court documents, or E-File, thus saving them additional time and money. In these difficult economic times the justice courts are constantly trying to do more with less, keeping in mind both our respective communities and Maricopa County as a whole, and AZTurboCourt is a great example of this.

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